Son’s First Piano Recital! (#7)

A while back, I got invited out to Oklahoma to participate in a conference for podcasters. All the best Christian, conservative, patriotic podcasters were going…and me!

I was excited, nervous, anxious, and all sorts of different emotions. 

Then, I realized I was overbooked. My oldest son’s first piano recital was at the exact same time…1500 miles away. One of the events was getting removed from the calendar. 

Obviously, the conference was the one to ax. 

My son did a great job. He’s only been playing for 3 months…it does help a teeny tiny bit that both of his parents have music degrees…but that’s a story for another time.

I was preparing him to handle nervousness and stage fright, but he didn’t need it. He said he was more excited than nervous. That’s awesome!

Today was a long day but an awesome day.

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