Do you struggle with any of these?

Do you wish you were more confident?

Do you shy away from speaking up because you don’t think you know enough?

Do you keep your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs to yourself to avoid confrontation?

If you answered yes to any
keep Scrolling!

DID You Know YOU Are a superhero?

That’s right, you, yeah YOU reading this right now, are a superhero

Sure, you have one or two superpowers that are unique to you, but we all share in one critically important superpower…


Our experiences shape us, but they also have the power to help shape the world if we let them.

Sharing your thoughts, opinions, ideas, beliefs, and STORIES can change the world. 

You can change the world just by being yourself. Your whole selfthe authentic, 100% genuine you.


Sadly, most of us live ‘appropriate‘ lives, meaning we avoid stirring the pot at all cost. 

For instance, I bet you’ve found yourself in situations where someone was saying things about a group you belong to that just wasn’t true.

Bet I know what you did in that moment…

Typically, we think to ourselves, “that’s not true,” and quietly let them go unopposed and uncorrected. 

Not any more. 

This has led to massive misinformation campaigns and widespread false beliefs about roughly half of our country’s citizens.

Now is the time to speak up and speak out about what you think, believe, and more.


Who's on this journey with you?

Joe Mobley

I'm Joe Mobley

Not surprisingly, I’m the host of The Joe Mobley Show.

I know, I know…you’re shocked!

My background is definitely a bit of a strange one. 

I’ve worked in LE, military (GO ARMY!), professional musician, worship ministry leader, and a government consultant at one of the world’s largest firms…

…I promise it’s a long and interesting story.

But that’s not why we’re here. 

We’re here to get you comfortable sharing your story!

One of my superpowers is the ability to confront people, have meaningful conversations about differences (not just debates and arguments), AND…..drumroll please…

Have the other person leave the conversation smiling and glad we spoke! 

This strange power works with colleagues, friends, family, and even IN-LAWS!       

That’s results you can take to the bank.

I want you to discover your superpowers AND grow in confidence so you can live life out loud. 

What are your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs? Why do you believe them? How can you speak confidently about them with others?

Sharpen you mind and your arguments at the same time. Learning about issues builds knowledge—speaking openly with others builds relationships!

Be empowered to be the voice of chance in your sphere of influence. We bring you the Truth In Love —nothing more, nothing less. 

A place where everyone is welcome. All ideas discussed & considered on the basis of their merits; not the merits of the messenger. 

Listen in as we dive into the issues, and share our stories and experiences. Learn easy ways to handle tough topics head on with facts and empathy. 

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